62570 Meretriz Luisa

1 hora 2 horas pernoite
Em casa
350 não não
400 não não
Idade: 27 Altura: 170 Peso: 62
Mama: 2 Latim Brunettes
Luisa is a stunning Colombian escort, she has very large breasts, an incredible rear and a narrow waist. She’s a knockout brunette, with long hair, a sensual mouth and a provocative gaze. She loves to give pleasure and is very feminine. She does many of the special services you are looking for, like a deep Greek. She has privileged hands and an innate talent to massage all kinds. can travel your body from top to bottom performing a body-to-body massage of the most exciting. is a very complete escort, capable of giving infinite pleasure between her voluptuous curves ideal to enjoy a titfuck between her big and round breasts.

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  • 1 hora 400
  • 2 horas no
  • pernoite no
  • Idade 27
  • Altura 170
  • Peso 62
  • Mama 2